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TKU Gay Rights Club

In step with gay marriage laws being established in countries all over the world, Tamkang University has founded a Gay Rights student group. Club leader and fourth-year student of the Department of Mass Communication, Li-shuo Liu, expressed, “Respect is really a form of understanding. Understanding is real respect.” Every member of the group has their own personal story. Li-shuo Liu continued, “There are many things that are not suitable to share in public so it has to be suppressed and hidden away, but here people can come together and share their feelings with people who care.”

The movement for Gay Rights is more than just a student group at TKU. It is a goal focused on creating more gender diversity on campus. Other professors and speakers will come and give lectures to share a deeper perspective of what it means to be gay in the modern world. “We are extending our hand to prevent any neglect on misunderstood students.” Li-shuo Liu added. “We often lose friends when we tell people about our identity and it’s important to have support from somewhere.” (Article written by Kai-jun Lin)

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