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Grand Welcoming Week

【Kaijun Lin, Yu-xiang Sun, Huan Du, Hong-wei Lu, Tamsui Campus】Since the start of the semester, every student group has been preparing for the Grand Welcoming Events! On Oct. 3 Tamkang University, Taiwan National University, Fu Jen Catholic University along with 12 other academic institutions came together to create the alliance known as “The iPower Squad.” This alliance was put together to work together and compete for the Grand Welcoming Event, which included almost 200 people. Team Leader of iPower and fourth-year student of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Yi-ting Li, expressed, “This welcoming event has students of all kinds so it will really help us raise our social interaction skills and help with inter-campus relations.” He shared, “I’m really happy with the atmosphere of this exchange.

On Oct. 7 TKU farms held a joint event with the Taiwanese Music Group, Strings Group and the Piano Group to hold the “Appreciators of Music” event, attracting 120 people to join a water balloon fight. The event was fun and wild as the participants tagged each other with an arsenal of balloons. Second-year student of the Department of Information and Library Science, En-ping Lin, expressed, “This event has been delayed a few times, but now everyone can finally get together for this special time. I’m grateful for all the participants and I hope even more people join us next time.”

On Oct. 5 the Dance Team put on a great show in the Shao-mo Memorial Gymnasium to open the 12th Grand Welcoming Event. The event had 100 people in attendance and three different types of performances took the stage: Freestyle, Popping and Beatboxing. The evening was electrified with dances and hip hop music as each group mesmerized the audience with an assortment of talents. Even graduated dance leaders took the stage to light the night up. The beatbox crew had spectators on their feet as they made sounds that didn’t even sound human. All in all, the welcoming week was nothing less than grand.

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