NO. 978

Numbers of International Students Continue to Grow

【Wan-xuan Qin, Tamsui Campus Report】On Oct. 8 the Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs (OICSA) calculated that there were 611 new international students and 83 overseas exchange students. This brings the total number of students from abroad to 1859 altogether. On Oct. 14 the OICSA held a welcoming party for new overseas students in the Student Activity Center at 5pm. Aside from Director of OICSA, Pei-wha Chilee, and Vice President of International Affairs, Wan-chin Tai, making an appearance, there were also Department heads of Science, Literary Arts, Engineering, Business and Management and Foreign Languages and Literature, totalling to 400 people.

Wan-chin Tai welcomed the students and wished them great success in their studies as they transition into this new life experience. A film was played, introducing the campus and many activities. Also other overseas students shared their personal experiences with the new students. First-year student of the Department of Engineering from Hong kong, Chih-ying Xu, expressed, “It’s such a great feeling having so many international students in one place. I’m also happy I got to eat a lot of food I’ve never tasted before.”

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