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TKU’s E-learning Executive Master’s Program Reaches 3rd Year

【Xin-yu Wang, Tamsui Campus Report】Last week students of Tamkang University’s E-learning Executive Master’s Program in Asia-Pacific Studies were able to meet with their teachers and experience many of Taiwan’s unique delicacies. The official opening ceremony took place on Oct. 12, and the new students arrived to Ching-sheng International Conference Hall to receive courses, welcomed to a banquet, officially beginning the 3rd year of the of the program. Students came from Honduras, Panama, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Colombia and El Salvador, totalling to 21 first-year students and 10 second-year students. In attendance was Director of the Office of International and Cross Strait Affairs (OICSA), Pei-wha Chilee, Director of the College of Foreign Languages and Literature, Hsiao-chuan Chen, and Director of the College of International Studies, Kao-cheng Wang.

Among the students was Vice President of Honduras,, Non-governmental Association of International Relations President, Consul General of the Office of Paraguay in Santos City Brazil, Supervisor of Chilean Genetic Law Research, Senator of Mexico, Lizette Clavel Sanchez and President of the Azuero Branch of Panama University. Director of the Graduate Institute of the Americas, Kwo-wei Kung, introduced the curriculum along with the instructors. He expressed, “This is the only e-learning executive master’s program in the nation. The first year we enrolled 15 students, the second year 17 students, and the third 20 students. This year we have 22 students indicating that the trend of the course remains successful.”

At the end of the event, the students enjoyed a banquet at the Regalees Hotel. On the 13th of Oct. the students received their new course curriculum. The first-year students received courses focusing on Taiwan, Asia and Latin America relations. Second year students will learn about the economic developments in South Eastern Asia including Japan, Korea and China. On Oct. 14 the students had a meal at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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