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【Tamkang Times】On Oct. 31 TKU will be approved for the TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) assembly and will begin holding 2015 TKUxTED yearly events in the Carrie Chang Fine Arts Center. The first assembly will be themed, “A Different Way of Thinking,” and the two curators of the program are Planning Assistant of the Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs, Vincent Lu, and second-year student of the Department of English, Zi-heng Hong.

TED is a program that highlights specialists of every field to share experience and stimulate innovation. Invited speakers include Program Designer, Joseph Ku, Chief Operating Officer of Niceday, Chien-liang Wu, Co-founder of Justfont, Wei Hsiang Su, Trade Marketing Supervisor of Leishan, Shi-de Lin, Founder of Feng Cheng Blog, Meng-lin Wu and Language Genius and Founder of Multi-language Acquisition Activity Network, Zhi-xiang Xie. Each of these speakers will be able to grant the audience with invaluable information within the 18-minute time frame.

Vincent Lu expressed, “The curator group consists of 7 members of the Department of English and they have been making significant progress in terms of language since beginning to work together in April. The program is expected to be completed on Oct. 31 and we will organize their information and experience to be shared in a workshop with the whole university in cooperation with TED.” Zi-heng Hong expressed, “We spent a lot of effort into finding speakers and collected the data for each 18-minute speech, but is all worth it. Everyone is going to learn a lot.”