NO. 978

Sharing Experience is Bliss

【Yi-mei Chen, Tamsui Campus Report】Last week, people in white uniforms with QR codes moved back and forth on campus, but there wasn’t an accident. It was a part of the Extracurricular Activities Guidance Section’s, “Blissful Experience Sharing,” event that took place from Oct. 13-15 on Hai Bao Street. Eight tents were set up by alumni of different departments and 16 student clubs. The different groups told stories of their experiences in public service, encouraging new students to become part of the many caregiving programs.

“Seeders”, discussed their experiences planting mangoes and other fruits and vegetables during their summer vacation. Another alumni group also helped to go to the countryside and till the land for crops. Leader of the Ping Dong Alumni Group and third-year student of the Department of Information Engineering, Jia-feng Wu, shared his experience of doing services in Ping Ding, which involved showing children how to paint. The people wearing QR codes not only shared stories, but gave gifts to listeners. On Oct. 14 the different groups expressed their thanks and ended the event with a song performed in sign language.