NO. 979

The Chinese Language Center Sets Sights on Japan

【Yi-mei Chen, Tamsui Campus Report】The Division of Continuing Education’s Chinese Language Center has developed 4 programs this year with the intent of promoting Chinese language and literature. The division has received ample support on their endeavour from the university in the form of subsidies and fund raising events. It’s estimated that the Division of Continuing Education has received around 8,000,000 NT in subsidies.

Director of the Center of Chinese Language, Hsiang-hua Chou, expressed, “This year we’ve once again applied for the top class Chinese level program and even though the market for Chinese language is getting smaller, initially we’ve had progress in our achievements and developments. This year our emphasis will be creating strong Chinese Language learning roots in Japan. We currently have an agreement with the Chinese Language Center in Osaka, Japan and in the future we will help them evaluate, develop and train students while providing new academic resources. 4,280,000 NT in subsidies are related to this particular program.”

Director Chou continued, “ 1,500,000 NT of the subsidies will be directed to the cooperation of Taiwanese and Japanese businesses, recruiting of Japanese students, advertising and the opening of MOOCs for Chinese language; 1,770,000 NT will be provided to professors traveling to Japan for Chinese instruction; 1,290,000 NT will go to facilities for digital educational resources and 590,000 NT will be provided for research through five academic institutions to stay updated in terms of Chinese teaching and resources.”


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