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The TKU International Ambassador Team

The College of Foreign Languages and Literature held a ceremony marking the end of apprenticeship for the International Ambassador Team on Thanksgiving Day. From 2014-16 the team will assist the university’s plan of transitioning into a more international age. The team is made of both local and international students skilled in English, Spanish, French, German, and Russian. They will offer university services such as welcoming international guests and translations, which will help them cultivate skills while improving the environment of the campus.

The International Ambassador Team is the first translation team of all universities in Taiwan. Not only will the team be able to gain language skills and work experience, their contact with foreign guests will also give them social and leadership ability that is transferable to international business, government organizations and other international career interests. On Nov. 26 President Flora Chia-I Chang expressed, “The College of Foreign Languages and Literature is the earliest college of the university. It’s my hope that the International Ambassador Team do their best to make themselves known to the world. I also hope that in the future students of other departments will become a part of this team.”

During the ceremony, Italian Professor of the Graduate Institute of International Affairs and Strategic Studies, Fabrizio Bozzato, represented the team, which currently has 21 members. The level of students vary from undergraduate to PHD students. In the future, the team will continue looking for new members in order to become even more effective. (For those interested please see link (Article written by Yi-mei Chen)

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