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Legend Rendy Lu Gives Inspiration to TKU

【Kai-jun Lin, Tamsui Campus Report】Taiwanese Tennis Legend, Rendy (Yen-hsun) Lu, came to Tamkang University on Dec. 26 to give an inspirational speech, emphasizing taking on the challenges of life. This tennis guru has played 995 matches and attracted 200 teachers and students to his lecture, including President Flora Chia-I Chang. He stated, “Tennis is my life and each game is a sped-up version of life.” Rendy Lu believes that all of the different types of challenges he’s met with on the court are illustrations of difficulties he’s seen in life as well.

He emphasized that life was just a platform of continual learning. He discussed returning from his victory in Wimbledon, with a victory over the 7th ranked player in the world, Andrew Stephen "Andy" Roddick, saying, “I never imagined I would win. When I won, I felt like I was going to cry.” He admitted that during the match there were many times he wanted to give up, but he continued to push forward. “Struggling through a match is a match in itself.” He laughed. He finished saying, “I fail just the same as everyone else, but I always take another opportunity to get on stage. Maybe the result isn’t any better than the last one, but at least I won’t lose the battle to my fear.”

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