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The Department of Chemistry Travels to Osaka

【Tamkang Times】Tamkang University’s Department of Chemistry travelled to Osaka Prefecture University on Nov. 19 and 20 for the third annual OPU-TKU International Symposium. The TKU representative team consisted of 9 members including Professors of the Department of Chemistry, Bo-chang Wang, Wen-jwu Wang and San-lang Wang as well as 10 graduate students. The periodicals distributed during the conference were related to solar energy, chemistry materials and academic research achievements, among which included, “Research on Chemical Intermediates.”

The following day was themed Frontier Chemistry and Materials for the 21st Century. There were a total of 10 periodicals distributed by professors and 14 distributed by graduate students. Bo-chang Wang expressed, “This is our third time sharing this exchange with this university. In addition to exchanging research achievements, we can also see student’s developing technical skills through participating that will help their careers go far.”

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