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TKU Runs Diplomatic Simulation

【Yi-feng Lu, Tamsui Campus Report】Currently the tension in areas like Syria and Iraq are increasingly unstable, which could lead into a crisis at an even larger scale. This has already resulted into millions of refugees being forced to flee from their homes. The recent tragic event that occurred in Paris has only made matters worse. All of Europe is buckling down, attempting to answer the only question that matters: How do we keep people safe? This question stems into immigration procedures, people’s rights, border management, counter-terrorist measures and much more.

On Nov. 21 and 22 the Office of International and Cross Strait Affairs (OICSA) held the Diplomatic Resolutions Simulation to act out a forum to discuss many of the global incidents taking place. This is a special event jointly held by the OICSA, the Graduate Institute of International Affairs and Strategic Studies and the College of International Studies. The event included about 90 individuals representing countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Greece and the Republic of Serbia.

This simulation was divided into four parts and the first part, the opening ceremony, took place in the morning on Nov. 21 with opening speeches. The second part took place in the afternoon and each of the professors of the College of International Studies illustrated their unique expertise, sharing experience and information related to current events, such as Europe’s handling of the recent refugees. Part three involved dividing the participants into small groups for discussion in order to get into deeper details of sensitive issues. The final part took place on Nov. 22 and was a full on diplomatic forum simulation, where students and teachers were able to act out current situations in a professional format.


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