NO. 987

Major Inspection of Major Programs Majorly Successful

【Tamkang Times】The 2015 Cross-Departmental Major Inspection is completed and the results are successful. Tamkang University has officially established 5 cross-departmental programs in order to raise competitive ability in students: The College of Global Development’s International Trade Routine Program, TKU Enterprise Consultation and Employee Assisted Master’s Program, TKU Actuarial Science and Business and Management’s e-traditional Industry Program.

The assessment began from the senior year and was designed based on the TKU cross-departmental regulations and Taiwan cross-departmental standards. The assessors gave a report approving of TKU’s cross-departmental courses and also put forth suggestions and ideas for future modifications. The International Trade Routine Program is taught completely in English and blends between the Political Finance Department and the Language Department. It is a total of 12 credits and students are able to receive authentic certification.

Enterprise and Consultation and Employee Assisted Master’s Program is a comprehensive course of consultation and business management knowledge available for master’s and doctoral students to apply. Actuarial Science is a combination of the Department of Statistics, Department of Insurance and the Department of Mathematics. A student must only complete 9 of the 12 offered credits in order to complete it. Dean of the Department of Statistics, Jyh-jiuan Lin, expressed, “There is an abundant amount of information in these programs and students will be able to raise their capabilities through the practical application of knowledge.”