NO. 987

6th Annual 4G APP Competition at TKU

【Hong-wei Lu, Tamsui Campus Report】On Dec. 17 the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering held the Ministry of Education’s 4G APP Competition in the Engineering Building and all ranked Junior Colleges were in attendance to watch the final match take place. The 4G wireless Wideband Campus App Division consisted of 6 groups going head to head. The Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering collaborated with the Ministry of Education to put this event together that began with a total of 78 teams. In the end, National Tsing Hua University’s team of the Department of Information of Engineering won the championship with their, “Rear Car Radar Display.”

TKU student of the Department of Information Engineering, Yao-he Huang, took second place with the “TKU Information King.” Yao-he Huang used supersonic wave sensors to detect objects approaching automobiles from the rear to improve driver safety. Yao-he Huang explained, “During test week it was a good time for me to do a lot of APP research and in the future I will be able to put together more ideas based on the needs and suggestions of others. Now you can use Google Play to gather lots of information so that future projects can be adjusted and modified. Feel free to join in.”