NO. 987

Zhi-xuan Liang Wins Big in English Spelling Contest

【Yi-wan Lu, Tamsui Campus Report】On Dec. 11 first-year student of the English Department, Zhi-xuan Liang, participated in Chaoyang University’s 5th Annual National Technical and Vocational English Spelling Bee.” There were 300 participants and Zhi-xuan stood above the competition receiving second place with an award of 2,500 NT. Zhi-xuan began studying, “Word Power,” 2-3 weeks before the competition in preparation for the spelling challenges which included 3,500 words. He happily expressed, “I used to do a lot of spelling bees while I was in high school. I was really interested in this contest and I’m pleasantly surprised to have done so well. Preparing for the competition was quite gruelling and I’m certain it will be of much benefit to my English ability.”