NO. 988

International Students Stay Busy with Fun at TKU

【Hui-ping Liu, Shi-qing Huang, Wan-xuan Qin Tamsui Campus Report】On Dec. 22 the International and Mainland Guidance Section cooperated with the Chinese Student Association to hold the, “Winter Music Event- International Music and Culture Banquet.” In attendance was Vice President of International Affairs, Wan-chin Tai along with directors, teachers and students of various departments, totalling to 240 participants both watching and sharing their creative side.

There were 15 performing groups followed up by a raffle. The top three musical performances also received a prize for their dedication and effort. Winner of the event, was Malaysian student of the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Pei-ni Chen, for singing Ell King’s “Ex’s and Oh’s.” She is qualified for the finals of the 27th Tamkang University Singing Championships and also received tickets for an up and coming musical show.

On Dec. 23 the International and Mainland Guidance section held the 2015-16 Annual First Semester International Student Guidance Discussion. Lanyang Campus attended via video conference. The event was hosted by Vice President of International Affairs, Wan-chin Tai, along with various department heads and students, totalling to 110 participants. During the meeting, student of the Department of Civil Engineering, Yan-zhi Wang, and other students shared their experience as international students, explaining that they utilize useful language software to help with language issues in addition to gaining additional practice participating at “English Corner” to improve language skills.

Director of the International Guidance and Mainland Guidance Section, Yu-hua Chao, explained that this year there are currently 1872 international students and 105 mentors have been provided to help them adjust to campus. He also encouraged them to participate in, “Chat Corner” on the tenth floor in Ching-sheng Building on the 10th floor taking place Mon-Fri 12:10 - 4:00pm.