NO. 988

Christmas Celebrations Warm up Campus

【Kai-jun Lin, Hui-ping Liu, Wan-xuan Qin, Shi-qing Huang, Jia-ling Liu, Tamsui Campus Report】Last week was Christmas and various Tamkang University departments came together in celebration. On Dec. 24 the College of Foreign Languages and Literature held a Christmas party on the first floor of the Foreign Language Building. In attendance was President Flora Chia-I Chang, Dean of the Office of Student Affairs, Huan-chao Keh, Dean of the College of Foreign Languages and Literature, Hsiao-chuan Chen and around 100 teachers and students. President Chang expressed, “Let us celebrate the spirit of Christmas with our warmest feelings.”

During the event, Hsiao-chuan Chen, shared homemade Bacardi while the Department of Spanish and German sung Christmas songs accompanied with joyful dances. Hsiao-chuan Chen expressed, “This activity is such a warm gathering that really lets us come closer together.” First year student of the Department of Spanish, Xiao-jing Cui, expressed, “This is my first time to celebrate Christmas in Taiwan and it’s a wonderful feeling.”

In addition there were Christmas celebrations held by the Office of International and Cross Strait Affairs, Graduate Institute of the Americas, Graduate Institute of Educational Policy and Leadership, the Student Association and Lanyang Campus. All of the events created an atmosphere of warmth through lights, music, performance and sharing of all kinds. Director of Lanyang Campus, Jyh-horng Lin, expressed, “It’s my first time celebrating Christmas and I’m truly grateful.”


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