NO. 990

Math Day and Curriculum Innovation at TKU

【Zhi-yue Jiang, Ya-han Cao, Tamsui Campus Report】TKU Math Day and the 2015 Curriculum Innovation Design Competition are on their way! On Feb. 21 the Department of Mathematics will hold the Math Day event in the Science Building. There are estimated to be 60 high school students to participate in the various math-related activities. Director of the Department of Mathematics, Chi-chung Wen, expressed, “I’m hoping that Math Day will help to raise students’ comprehension of mathematics because currently the nation is lacking personnel with this necessary skill. This is designed to encourage students so that they may turn around this trend.” For the event, students will be given hand held computers to play math games, solve problems and do an interview simulation. Tamkang University’s Department of Mathematics will introduce the campus to the students and lead them to participate in the games.

In order to improve the curriculum designing abilities of the teachers and students, the Department of Educational Technology and the Center for Teacher Education are jointly holding the 2015 Curriculum Innovation Design Competition. There will be students, teachers and faculty members of every junior college in the nation participating in the event. The deadline for registration is on Feb. 26. The event will score curriculums based innovation, completeness and balance. There will also be a category for poster design. For more information see links ( and (