NO. 991

10th TKU Quality Award Presentation

The 10th annual Tamkang Quality Award, which has incorporated staff position evaluation, on-the-spot inspections and review meetings awarded the College of Global Development, giving recognition in an award ceremony that took place on Jan. 27 (right bottom pic). The Office of Quality Assurance and Audit held the 10th Annual Tamkang Quality Review Board Meeting on Jan. 15 with 11 review board members: Event Organizer and General Secretary, Ting-chi Hsu, Director of the Corporate Synergy Development Center, Jih-hsin Peter Sher, Consultant Chin-ho Su, Chung Yuan Christian University Associate Professor of Engineering Industries and the Department of Engineering, Jui-chin Jiang, Director of the Center of Educational Resources of Taiwan National University of Science and Technology, Chia-fen Chi and other distinguished persons. They cooperated with the College of Global Development, College of Business and Management and the Office of Human Resources to carry out the review.

The review took place in the Ching-sheng International Conference Hall in the morning and the first 20 minutes consisted of the report of faculty positions review, in the afternoon the on-spot-inspections to place and each evaluee was able to display their uniqueness. The event was hosted by Dean of the College of Global Development, Ay-hwa Andy Liou, who emphasized the complete English Courses, Junior Overseas Study Programs and college dormitory development. Dean of the College of Business and Management, Chien-liang Chiu, detailed the promotion of the AACSB accreditation and the objective of dual major programs for exchange students. (Article written by Shi-qing Huang)