NO. 992

Global Views Monthly and 1111 Hold TKU in High Position

【Pin-jie Chen, Tamsui Campus Report】Global Views Monthly conducted a survey of the most preferred university graduates for employment of the year 2016, tying Tamkang University and National Tsing Hua University at 6th place. This study was conducted through the use of internet surveys sent out to 1,594 industries. The participants consisted of 47.5% Mass Production Manufacturers, 28% Information Industries, 6.2% Human Services, 5.9% Construction/ Real Estate, 4.3% Finance and Commercial Services, 4.3% Trading and Exchange, 2.2% Department Sales Co., 1.2% Medical/Farming and .3% Media.

The 1111 job search site also conducted a survey: 2016 Satisfactory Employment Universities and gave 2nd place to TKU. The survey consisted of 8 categories and TKU earned a spot in the top 5 of 5 of them: General Traditional Manufacturing/ Energy Resources, Travel Restaurants/Services, Finance Investment/ Insurance Relations, Circulation/Trade/Sales and Construction/Real Estate Relations.