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WRWU Shows TKU Make Gains

【Yu-xuan Zhou, Tamsui Campus Report】Webometrics Rankings of World Universities (WRWU) has finished their global survey of online rankings,placing Tamkang University at 415th in the world, 55th in Asia, 9th in the country and number one among national private universities, beating out 500 tough competitors. Last year in July when the survey was completed, TKU ranked at 478th globally, and 80th in Asia, showing significant improvement among its standing for internet search.

The index of the survey is determined by 4 categories: Impact, Presence, Openness and Excellence. TKU advanced in the category of Impact from rank 370th to 205th, in the category of Presence it made an astounding leap from 815th to 478th, in the section of Openness it moved from 202nd to 154th and in the area of Excellence moved from 877th to 884th. This survey was conducted through the databanks of Google scholar, Yahoo, Live Search and Alexa. More information can be found on the subject on the WRWU website. (


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