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1 Million Steps for Health and Other Rewards

【Tamkang Times】The Office of Physical Education held the closing ceremony of the “66th Anniversary Warm Up Activity- 1 Million Steps” on Jan. 14. There were 100 participants in this walk-for-fitness event. There were 84 participants that received certificates of appreciation for walking over a total of 600,000 steps and among them, 50 participants received certificates for walking a total of 1 million steps.

Director of the Department of Finance and Banking, Ming-chih Lee, who is a regular jogger, expressed, “Participating in this event really helped me improve my problems with allergies.” Director of the Graduate Institute of Future Studies, Kuo-hua Chen, shared that he lost 3 kilograms from participating in the event, “Everyday I looked at my app and it reminded me how many calories I burned each day. It made me restrain from eating so much.” He joked, “I haven’t moved my scooter for months and I think it’s gotten nice and cozy here on campus.

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