NO. 994

TKU International Culture Share

【Hui-ping Liu, Tamsui Campus Report】Do you want to understand the politics, economics and culture of other nations? Come join the International Culture Share! From Mar. 2 to Jun. 1 the Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs will be holding the cultural exchange every Wednesday at 6:30pm on the 10th floor of the Ching-sheng Building. International students have been invited to introduce their countries customs and people while sharing their experience of living in Taiwan.

On Mar. 2 student from Hong Kong of the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, Zhi-cheng Liang, shared Hong Kong snacks while answering questions of the country’s special cuisines. Also second year students of the Department of International Business from Indonesia, Li-juan Zhang, Bianca Kartika and Li-lian Wu, shared pictures of their country’s landscape and cultural sites. For more information, register at the website: