NO. 994

TKU Students Absorb Abundance of Japanese Culture

【Hui-ping Liu, Shi-qing Huang, Tamsui Campus Report】The Center for Japanese Studies held the “21st Century Asian Security and Crisis Management Taiwanese and Japanese Academic Forum” in the Chueh-sheng International Conference Hall on Mar. 4. The event included 20 educators of Taiwan and Japan, speaking on issues of national security and Taiwanese/Japanese relations. Chief Representative of Interchange Association (Japan), Mikio Numata, President of the Society for Security and Crisis Management, Futami Suru, were invited to give lectures on the issue. Also, former Ambassador of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Japan, Toshio Watanabe, described the recent international situation involving Taiwan and Japan.

After Dean of the College of International Studies, Kao-cheng Wang, introduced the cherry blossoms on campus, he expressed his gratitude to the educators for their participation in the forum that was expected to dive deep into the issues for the purpose of stimulating thought. Mikio Numata confirmed Tamkang University student potential of learning Japanese culture and praised the university’s efforts to provide more resources for Japanese cultural learning. Futami Suru expressed, “There has been a lot of outside powers that have disturbed the relationship between Taiwan and Japan. This is a great opportunity to get things in the open and realize the importance of national security.”