NO. 994

TKU Hosts 2017 World Weightlifting Competition

【Shi-qing Huang, Tamsui Campus Report 】The 2017 World Weightlifting Competition (29th Summer Universiade) will be held at the Shao-mo Memorial Gymnasium! Director of the Office of Physical Education, Shu-feng Hsiao, expressed, “TKU will do its very best to make this a great event! We have also invited members of the office of Physical Education to spectate and it is truly an honor to have been selected to hold this event. In addition, Taiwan has already broken many world records regarding weightlifting so the entire world will be watching what takes place at TKU.”

The Taipei City Government’s Department of Sports pointed out a few key factors in the completion for this event’s competition area that include obtaining an official license, a test competition and trial run set to take place in July. Shu-feng Hsiao explained, “There is a chance that the students will have to make some sacrifices in order to hold this event, but the safety of these competitors is of the utmost importance.” Shu-feng Hsiao also expressed that the Summer Universiade committee will provide 20,000,000 NT in subsidies for construction fees and that the 7th floor of the gymnasium will be modified to fit the needs of the competitors.