NO. 994

Hsi-deh Wu Brings Honor to TKU, France and Himself

【Wan-xuan Qin, Special Report】Editor, Translator, Author and 30-year teacher of French Language, Hsi-deh Wu, was recognized by France on Feb. Hsi-deh Wu, received the French Education Knights of Honor Award from the La France à Taiwan (France in Taiwan Association). The presentation ceremony took place on Feb. 18 in the Librairie Le Pigeonnier (Pigeon Library) and ambassador of French Education Knights of Honor, M. Benoit Guidee, presented the award personally. Hsi-deh Wu is the third member of TKU to receive this award after Director of the Office of International and Cross Strait Affairs, Pei-wha Chilee and former Director of the Department of French, Shu-chuen Yang. This achievement is not only an honor for Hsi-deh Wu, but also illustrates the dominance of the French program at TKU over other private universities in Taiwan.

Not only does Hsi-deh Wu have great success in his teaching and research of the French language, he also has great success in his publications promoting French literature. Hsi-deh Wu expressed, “I’ve been teaching and promoting French culture for over 30 years. This award is truly an honor. I want to thank the French government for their confirmation and also TKU for creating a diverse academic learning environment.”

Initially, Hsi-deh Wu studied Broadcasting at Shih Hsin University. After graduating, he wanted to study in a freer academic environment, leading him to come to Tamkang University. Even though he planned on studying English at the university, he didn’t make it into the program and then shifted gears to try out French. To his surprise, it came to him like a duck to water. “I’m so grateful to TKU for giving me a different perspective of the world.” He stated.