NO. 995

President Chang has Prosperous Visit in Australia

【Zhao-yu Chen, Tamsui Campus Report 】President Flora Chia-I Chang lead an academic expedition to Australia, from Mar. 1-4 to participate in the 2016 Asia-Pacific Association for International Education (APAIE). Accompanying her was Vice President of International Affairs, Wan-chin Tai, Dean of the College of Engineering, Chii-dong Ho, Dean of the College of Business and Management, Chien-liang Chiu, Director of the Department of Economics, Tun-kung Cheng, and member of the Office of International and Cross Strait Affairs, Ching-yi Li.

The travel itinerary began with a trip to the University of Melbourne, established in 1853, it is the first public university in Australia, consisting of a campus decorated in beautiful scenery along with an abundance of high-tech equipment and facilities. After the visit, the TKU representatives travelled to its two sister schools: Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and the University of Queensland (QU). QUT and Tamkang University signed an agreement, officially becoming sister schools in Aug., 2011. Ever since, the two universities have mutually shared an active and prosperous relationship consisting of numerous academic exchanges.

The TKU representatives were met by QUT President, Peter Coaldrake, as they partook in the enthusiastic discussion. The forum emphasized both national and international academic exchange programs; both parties gaining a much deeper understanding of each other’s educational policies. One of the main points of the discussion, was the “TKU-QUT Master’s Program of Finance (English Taught)” and the following steps needed to put the program in effect.

The following day, President Chang and her team travelled to QU. TKU and QU have had a very extensive relationship that officially began in Dec. 2007. In Apr., 2015 the College of Business and Management signed an agreement, adding a dual major exchange program. During this visit, they discussed details of adding the participation of 7 departments in the near future. Not only did the President of QU give a warm welcome while expressing the significance of the two universities’ relationship, he mentioned details of creating more academic programs for the future.