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Students of the English Department Organized a Reading Club

Amidst the uproar of improving students’ impetus for reading, students in the English Department have initiated a Reading Club.

The idea was first thought out by Lin Hsin-yue, a Junior from the department.

The English Reading Club will meet every Tuesday from 7 PM. The club members take turns to host a meeting, in which a literary work will be chosen as their object of discussion. They will zero in on characters, structure, motif and related technique in any given piece of literary product.

Lin recalled how he first got the idea. It was in the computer classroom where he worked as an assistant. He had met many first- year and second- year juniors. Because they all have one thing in common---they like to read; so they started to organize a reading club. Now they have 17 members, varying from freshman to seniors.

While our reporter was interviewing them, there came in two new members. Asked why they were here, they answered that their roommate recommended this club, and they are eager to learn how to analyze a literary work. Their mutual friend Miss Yeh Wen-chu is a transferred student. She has nothing but positive things to say about the club, and she can learn a lot here, she commented.

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