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The First TKU Campus Elite Forum for 2002 Tries to Set New Moral Standard for Unmarried Students

The First TKU Campus Elite Forum for 2002 was held on April 21 at the International Conference Room, Business Building. It was the University Principle Club that played host to this event. Nearly 100 club organizers and class representatives took part in it.

According to Tsai Cheng-hao, Leader of the University Principle Club, the purpose of the Forum is aimed at tackling three major themes, “The New Role Model of Youth Guidance”, “The Revolution of the Heart” and “In the Name of Peace We Serve”. And all the attending audience was encouraged to speak up during the Forum.

Miss Huang Li-tzu, a TKU alumnus, who won the title of “Miss Republic of China, 2000”, said that “Chastity is the best gift one can give to one’s spouse on the wedding night”.

But how do we resist temptations?

One female class representative confessed that she is seeing her boyfriend for 7 years, but they’ve never had any sex. However, they are still maintaining a very sweet, very intimate relationship. She compared this kind of relationship to a reversed letter U, which will reach the peak thru the hollowed valley from the bottom. Having sex prematurely is just like shortcutting this curve, and also the blissful pleasure you deserve; eventually it will back fire.

Dr. Chang Ching-yu, who also teaches part-time in TKU, believed that the resistance against temptation (having sex) has everything to do with one’s moral fortitude. This ability might get depleted at times; but with re-education, one may regain this moral strength.

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