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The Academic Affairs Conference Agrees to Abolish the “Flunk Out” Mechanism Starting The 2020 School Year.

The second semester of the 2019 school year Academic Affair Conference was held on May 29th at Ching-Sheng International Conference Hall with video synchronization with Lanyang Campus. The meeting was conducted by the Dean of Academic Affairs Dr. Tung-Wen Cheng, along with four Vice-Presidents, Deans from all colleges, relevant first-level unit supervisors and directors, second-level teaching supervisors, teachers, and student representatives.

The Dean of Academic Affairs Dr. Tung-Wen Chen stated that the educational work this semester was severely influenced by the epidemic. Fortunately, with the joint efforts of everyone, the situation gradually stabilized. During this period, we truly appreciate all colleagues, teachers, and students for their support, consideration, and cooperation. I hope this situation will be resolved in no time. There are 19,485 undergraduate students within the University, 1,325 students engaged in the bachelor program of extension education, 1,499 students enrolled in the master’s program, 770 students are in the executive master’s program, 385 students registered in the doctoral program, with the total of 23,491 active students, which decreased by 1,441 students when compared with last semester. Although it was expected, hopefully the number would fall under the estimated range so the University may respond to education and organization promptly.

A total of 50 proposals were approved during the conference and throughout the proposals, changes made to the amendments of provisions of the “Tamkang University Study Regulations” were drafted. To encourage students with poor academic performances to continue with their studies, the University plans to delete Article 28 of the regulations on withdrawing from the University. Following the 2020 academic year, students may now register and enroll in the “Post-Baccalaureate Diverse Expertise Empowerment Courses.” Revisions are made under the guidelines given by the Ministry of Education on relevant provisions of the “Post-Baccalaureate Diverse Expertise Empowerment Courses.” Furthermore, revisions are also made on relevant provisions of “Tamkang University Regulations on Student Course Selection.”

The College of Foreign Languages & Literatures; including the Department of Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Russian sets the main points for the implementation of foreign language and literature course credit-related guidelines. In response to the high school course curriculum, students are given more flexibility in choosing a suitable foreign language to study and are advised to study a foreign language to associate with the University language courses. All incoming or prospective freshmen whose major is not language or literature-related may apply for foreign language or literature corresponding course credits if he/she passed the relevant exam based on the test score. These relevant course credits will count towards graduation units. The Department of Spanish specified that their department freshmen and double-majored students may apply for corresponding Spanish course credits based on examination results.

The academic year 2020 plans set up the following credit programs; “TKU Food, Drug, and Environmental Inspection,” “TKU Foreign Language Aerospace,” “TKU Department of Business Management and Service Industry Employment,” and terminate the following; “TKU Department of Chinese Literature E-Pen Calligraphy and Painting Employment,” “TKU Department of Information and Library Science Industry Employment of Graduate School Student,” “TKU Catering Service Industry Employment,” and “TKU French Cuisine Employment credit programs.”

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