NO. 1107

National Health Insurance Administration Information Management Division Associate Researcher Zhi-Yu Chen Technology Female Empowerment Saving Our Country Using Keyboard

The associate researcher Zhi-Yu Chen and her teammates from the Information Management Division of the National Health Insurance Administration (NHI) spend 1.5 days completing the “Health Insurance Cloud-Based Travel History Inquiry System.” To cooperate with the name-based mask distribution policy, “Epidemic Prevention Mask Control System” was completed in 3 days. The technological power of saving our nation with keyboards is incredible, becoming the most solid reinforcement of the prevention of COVID-19. Zhi-Yu Chen became extremely popular for media interviews, being determined, she said, “I’m only trying my best to do what I’m capable of and doing what I think is right.”

As the epidemic continues to expand and further causing an outbreak worldwide, to cooperate with the name-based mask distribution policy, the “Epidemic Prevention Mask Control System” must be set for the use of the Health Insurance specially appointed pharmacies. Zhi-Yu Chen mentioned, “We received an order on February 3rd indicating that all convenient stores must stop selling face masks and we need to complete the system deployment and connection testing on all 6336 specially appointed pharmacies as well as educating them on how to use the system; The system must be online at 9 AM on February 6th!” When the face mask system was set on the road on February 6th, the “Mask Map” was also launched by the Open Data provided by the government. This informational platform was jointly established by the Health Insurance Administration and the civil society community led by the Executive Council Member Audrey Tang from the Executive Yuan. At that time, it was a globally unique practice and widely recognized since it allows civilians to inquire about where face masks are sold and the remaining amount of masks left in each location.

Being called an “Epidemic Hero,” Zhi-Yu Chen believes that the success of system deployment should be attributed to the colleagues from the Information Management Division as well as the business unit. Under the leadership of Dr. Po-Chang Lee, the Director-General of NHI, they worked together as a team to create a time miracle. She stated, “The overall operation was about the cooperation and collaboration of everyone. We do have a great team! Everyone is a hero!”

Speaking of her past experience as a student at Tamkang University, Zhi-Yu Chen was grateful for her professors in the Department of Information Management. Classes are often conducted in small groups and reports are completed through teamwork, this made her realize the importance of having a team. She also participated in various student clubs to learn “Organizational Skills” while she was in the University. She gained experiences of the team leading by once organizing the performance of the National Standard Dance and during the process, continuous communication and adjustment are made to enhance internal cohesion within the team. She mentioned, “The ability developed during the college years may be applied to my current job. It’s extremely helpful for the current team’s communication and bonding.”

“I think I’m lucky, being able to study my favorite subject. The practical training I’ve gained from the Department of Information Management allowed me to devote myself to the Information Management Industry.”

As the current epidemic crisis ebbs, with various prevention measures gradually loosening, face masks were also free for export starting June. However, the border entry access control remains strictly barricaded due to the linkage with the epidemic globally. As long as the epidemic crisis remains globally active, Zhi-Yu Chen can’t rest assured from the bottom of her heart. She will continue to work hard and hold her grounds for the epidemic preventions of the country. “Play your role well and make contributions to the society,” she looks forward to everyone working together as a country to fight against the virus and that the epidemic crisis may soon end so everyone may return to their daily life.