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Registration for the 2023 Future Student Intelligence Competition Has Begun

The 2023 Future Student Intelligence Competition, jointly organized by Tamkang University, Fu Jen Catholic University, and Chung Hua University, aims to stimulate student creativity, encourage teamwork, and integrate AI to produce solutions for enterprise pain points and challenges. Registration is open until April 24th. The top prize is up to NT$ 20,000, and outstanding participants recommended by the judges can receive priority access to Microsoft internship interviews. The Dean of the College of Engineering, Dr. Tzung-Han Lee, also offers additional rewards. Any team composed of students from our university that participate in the competition and achieve any ranking can receive double rewards. Students are welcome to form teams and participate in the competition.

This competition is organized and initiated by Professor Ming-Chuan Chang from the Department of Physics at Fu Jen Catholic University, with 5 major topics proposed by industry representatives to provide a platform for students to turn their "AI-related skills" learned during their school period into enterprise solutions. Students are encouraged to utilize the free cloud-based AI provided by Microsoft and combine their knowledge and tool service application capabilities to implement practical applications, becoming the "future talent" that enterprises expect.

All students who are currently enrolled in universities or colleges in the Republic of China and have proof of enrollment are eligible to participate in the competition as long as they are interested in artificial intelligence and Microsoft-related applications and have any of the "Microsoft Certification Certificates". Participating teams in the preliminary round will receive a certificate of participation in the "2023 Future Talent Intelligent Student Competition, Creative Contest". According to the total score of the solution, one outstanding award will be given to a team with a cash prize of NT$ 20,000, a certificate, and a "One-Day Microsoft Experience" corporate visit. One perfect award will be given to another outstanding team with a cash prize of NT$ 10,000 and a certificate. 3 honorable mention awards will also be given with a cash prize of NT$ 1,000 and a certificate. The first round of judging will select the top 10 teams to enter the final round, which will be held at Fu Jen Catholic University on June 6 for exhibition and evaluation. The concept verification process will also be conducted on-site. The event website and registration URL are


Our school has teamed up with Microsoft Taiwan, as well as Fu Jen Catholic University and Chung Hua University, to co-organize the "2023 Future Student Intelligence Competition". The event's opening ceremony was held on March 14th at the Hsu Shou-Chlien International Conference Center in Tamkang University. Professor Min-Juan Chang from Fu Jen Catholic University, who participated in the event planning, announced the start of the registration.

The opening ceremony was attended by more than 200 guests, including the Vice President of Chung Hua University, Dr. Kun-Ming Yu, the Fu Jen Catholic University physics professor who initiated the event, Ming-Chuan Chang, the Senior Manager of Microsoft Taiwan's Public Business Division, Yu-Feng Yang, as well as our school's Academic Vice President, Hui-Huang Hsu, Administrative Vice President, Chun-Hung Lin, Chief Secretary of Board of Directors, Wen-Chih Huang, Secretary-General, Andy Ay-Hwa Liou, as well as various staff, faculty members, and students.

The event began with a speech by Dr. Hui-Huang Hsu, who stated that the competition aims to inspire students' innovative thinking and teamwork through the free cloud AI and related technology tools provided by Microsoft, and to effectively solve the difficulties that companies encounter in their transformation by combining their professional knowledge. The organizers hope that participating students can exert human creativity and wisdom, and further improve the intelligence level of machines in serving humanity.

During his speech, Dr. Kun-Ming Yu first captured the attention of the audience by presenting a generated AI ChatGPT script. He then went on to explain the unique features of the competition. He emphasized that this was not just a typical course activity, but rather a more in-depth learning opportunity where real industry problems were provided and solved using various AI tools provided by Microsoft, with the aim of proposing solutions for commercial applications.

Yu-Feng Yang also emphasized that this competition is a platform designed for students to encourage them to showcase their AI creativity. In addition, outstanding students have the opportunity to be recommended by judges and given priority for internship interviews with Microsoft. This competition not only allows students to unleash their creativity, but also deepens their understanding of artificial intelligence.

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