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Tamkang has Successfully Implemented TQM for 30 years

Total Quality Management Seminar Looking forward to the Future

The Office of Quality Assurance and Audit held a "Total Quality Management Seminar for the 2022 Academic Year" on 9 AM of March 17th at the Chang Yeo Lan International Conference Hall of the Hsu Shou-Chlien International Conference Center. The theme of the seminar was "The Past, Present, and Future of Total Quality Management at Tamkang". Attendees included President Huan-Chao Keh, Chairperson Flora Chia-I Chang, 3 vice presidents, all first- and second-level supervisors, staff, and 10 external guests, with nearly 300 people in attendance.

Chairperson Chang explained that Tamkang University has been implementing TQM for 30 years. Currently, the “AI+SDGs =∞” in the 5th wave of administrative development, which is named "the Transcending Period", is integrating ESG to the sustainability trend indicator of TKU administration. Tamkang is hoped to establish macro governance for sustainable development, combining TQM and ESG, to achieve production, living, and ecological sustainability, creating "Tamkang's three lifetimes of happiness, and a sustainable future for three generations." President Keh stated that he and Chairperson Chang have been fully involved in Tamkang promoting TQM for 30 years and have witnessed the fruitful results. In the future, the "Tamkang Quality Award" will gradually incorporate relevant ESG standards, becoming an important indicator for the development of the "TQM2.0" era.

Mr. Rick Chen, General Manager of Immediate Talent Development and Management Consulting Company (即戰人才發展管理顧問公司) was invited to give a keynote lecture on "The Key to Sustainable Development of Universities - Total Quality Management", and discussed the relationship and challenges between TQM and sustainable development, as well as provided suggestions for the university. Mr. Chen first emphasized that TQM is a "management philosophy" that focuses on "values", and hopes to involve employees throughout the process to actively identify and improve problems and promote sustainable development. Secondly, he explained the criticisms and challenges often faced by TQM, and suggested that senior management should continue to support the establishment of a corporate quality culture and values. Finally, using the example of TSMC's re-implementation of a quality culture, he combined ESG and TQM to make ESG an expression of employee values, and provided 4 suggestions to promote the sustainable development of Tamkang University.

"The Forum on University Governance and Total Quality Management was hosted by Dr. Der-Wen Chang, TKU Chief Audit Executive, and President Huan-Chao Keh, Secretary General Ho-Shing Wu from Yuan Ze University, Chief Secretary Chwen-Ming Shih from Taipei Medical University, and Mr. Robert Lu, Chairman of the Chinese Society for Quality (CSQ) joint in the discussion. President Keh spoke on the topic of "Resilient Governance and Total Quality Management of Tamkang University" and discussed the concept of "resilient governance", which incorporates the spirit of total quality management by adapting to sudden changes and crises in the industry and market through “digital transformation” and “sustainable development”. This enhances the ability to adapt, immunize, recover, and grow in adversity to achieve the goal of "Collaboratively Creating a Great Tamsui; Embracing a Smart and Magnificent Future." Dr. Ho-Shing Wu and Dr. Chwen-Ming Shih respectively shared their experiences on "Yuan Ze University Quality Management System" and “Sharing on University Governance and Quality Management”, explaining how the school positions itself, establishes a quality system, sets core values, and implements various quality management systems to practice TQM. Mr. Robert Lu presented on "ESG and Excellent Management," sharing new quality perspectives, the framework, methodology, and cultural dimensions of ESG and management, and how to move towards ESG excellence management from excellent management, as well as the economic, legal, ethical, and charitable guidelines of the Corporate Social Responsibility Pyramid. The Q&A session focused on "AI technology combined with TQM and the new face of university governance."

At the closing ceremony, Chairperson Chang mentioned that she found the core of TQM to be the formation of a quality culture, the inclusion of logic, reason, and beauty, and the quality management image. The impressive examples of how the 2 other universities combined TQM with school affairs were also encouraged as reference materials for future quality management competitions. She was also proud that our school has implemented total quality management for 30 years, and all colleagues have a good quality culture. She encouraged everyone to start thinking and working hard for the next 30 years, to build a sustainable and beautiful future for Tamkang together.

TQM Results Presentation Meeting Showcasing the Achievements of Each Unit's Implementation Efforts

At 2:10 PM, March 17th, the Office of Quality Assurance and Audit and Chueh Sheng Memorial Library jointly held the "Total Quality Management in Tamkang's 30th Anniversary Achievements Presentation" at the Learning Research Innovation Area of the library. The event showcased the results and achievements of the university's total quality management efforts over the years. Tamkang University President Huan-Chao Keh, Chairperson of the Board Flora Chia-I Chang, Vice President for Academic Affairs Hui-Huang Hsu, Vice President for Administrative Affairs Chun-Hung Lin, Vice President for International Affairs Hsiao-Chuan Chen, all first- and second-level supervisors and colleagues, as well as the Chairman of CSQ, Mr. Robert Lu, attended the event.

The event began with a ribbon-cutting ceremony by Chairperson Chang, President Keh, 3 vice presidents, and Mr. Robert Lu. Chairperson Chang stated that the school has been promoting TQM for 30 years. Therefore, a series of celebratory events were held since the signing ceremony with CSQ last year, and the TQM Seminar and Results Presentation Meeting were the second and third events respectively. The next event will be held at the end of May in collaboration with President Keh's vision of AI+ Sustainability, which involves “Collaboratively Creating a Great Tamsui” together with Tamsui community and the school. In addition, the school will collaborate more substantively with CSQ to jointly advance towards higher quality. President Keh stated that the most important aspect of TQM is "human motivation and practice". The school has actively promoted TQM for 30 years and gained many valuable experiences. He hopes to showcase the achievements through this opportunity, in addition to observing the experiences of other units, new colleagues can also understand the school's quality culture and receive basic quality education training. Mr. Robert Lu praised the school's efforts and achievements in TQM and commended the “consistency over the past 30 years”. Through the continuation of the school's philosophy under successive presidents and the ongoing "Teaching and Administrative Innovation Seminar" and "Total Quality Management Seminar," TQM has become the fundamental DNA of Tamkang University.

This activity is organized by the first-level units of our school, with the TQM spirit, focusing on their respective businesses and demonstrating the effectiveness and results of promoting TQM through the PDCA process. Referring to the contents of the "Comprehensive Excellence" or "Functional Paradigm" categories of the National Quality Award, posters are designed to showcase the achievements. In the "Comprehensive Excellence" category, the focus is on customer orientation, vision leadership, shaping a culture of full participation and continuous improvement, and striving for excellence with effectiveness. In the "Functional Paradigm" category, specific achievements in the 4 areas of "management technology," "local management," "sustainable development," and "industry support" are recognized as exemplary model. The exhibition runs until noon on March 31st, and faculty and staff are welcome to visit.

SDGs: #SDG4 Quality Education #SDG11 Sustainable Cities and Communities #SDG17 Partnerships for the Goals

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