Campus focus 2021-05-19

Build New East Village, Extend Campus Life, Expand Learning Field

Regarding the design of the public space in the dormitory of "New East Village," the Student Housing Guidance Section of the Office of Student Affairs invited the associate professor of the Department of Architecture, Dr. Jui-Mao Huang, and the architect from the Whole+ Design Company, Sheng-Ming Wu, to explain the software activity planning and hardware design ideas of the renovation plan at B302A at 2:30 PM on May 3rd. The Vice President for Administrative Affairs Dr. Shi-Feng Chuang, the Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Shih-Jung Wu, the Dean of General Affairs, Dr. Ruey-Shiang Shaw, the Chairman of Sung-Tao Hall Dormitory Self-Government Association Yu-Xuan Huang, and relative personnel from various units participated.

Dr. Shi-Feng Chuang said that the name of New East Village may be discussed again, but the overall plan is the public space outside the dormitory. The Ministry of Education encourages universities to add or rebuild dormitories and students and parents also hope to increase dormitory spaces. However, Tamkang does not have enough land so may only restructure the staff dormitory into Sung-Tao Hall 4 and Hall 5. In accordance with the overall planning, the number of beds may be reduced for campus enhancement.

Dr. Jui-Mao Huang discussed with the students living in the Sung-Tao Hall, "In the future, providing public spaces from classrooms to dormitories may allow students to stimulate another kind of self-learning through the life level." In response to the Ministry of Education's plan, "University students' autonomous learning is not limited to the classroom. Gradually establish the concept of the campus planning committee, hoping to become the future operation mechanism." New East Village covers the library, Ching-Sheng Memorial Hall, College of Foreign Languages and Literatures Building, Engineering Building, College of Education Building, Sung-Tao Hall 1 to 5, and the library hall handles the teaching achievement exhibition. The Carrie Chang Fine Arts Center, Exhibition Hall, and cultural classrooms of the College of Foreign Languages and Literatures were established to improve learning and living functions, and the "New East Village Life Experimental Section" was established to integrate software.

Sheng-Ming Wu stated on the hardware part, " New East Village surrounds the Sung-Tao Hall. We strive to turn the after-school university into a learning space, so that learning may be extended from the classroom to the public space." The road in front of the Sung-Tao Hall and the stairs leading to the College of Education originally had an elevation difference, this will be transformed into a learning and resting area, and the square and herb garden in the back may be forming a "seamless Tamkang." Sung-Tao Plaza acts as a connector in the usage of public space to connect. The air and ground connecting passages are built in the Sung-Tao Hall 1 to Hall 3 and students may be able to do activities here.

Dr. Zhen-Cheng Chen, the Chairman of the Department of Architecture, asked about drainage, excavation, and funding of Sung-Tao Plaza. He believes that the top priority should be to improve the inner campus. The campus planning could be taken into consideration as he suggested providing corridor budgets for different schemes. Sheng-Ming Wu stated in response to the principle of non-excavation of the corridor, "The university dormitory is outdated and must be rebuilt and building additions should be considered. The overall building needs to be reassessed, so we chose to extend the public space outside." He believes that opening the corridor is not only connecting buildings without excavation and drainage concepts may also solve the problem of fresh water and rain. "Detailed planning may only be done after obtaining subsidies. The campus planning committee will supervise, continue to communicate, and have students participate in discussions. We hope to find what is suitable for Tamkang and also meet the requirement of model space concept by the Ministry of Education."

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