Campus focus 2021-05-19

Taiwan Microsoft AI One Day Camp - Students Explore Career Development

On May 5th, Dr. Tzung-Hang Lee, the Dean of the College of Artificial Innovative Intelligence, led nearly 100 students from various departments Tamkang University to the Microsoft Office in Taiwan for a "Microsoft AI Workshop One-Day Camp" activity to understand AI trends, industrial applications, and connect and explore the possibilities of future career developments.

The College of Artificial Innovative Intelligence jointly collaborated with Taiwan's Microsoft and the 104 Human Resources Bank, to organize the event of "Technology as a Combat Skills Professional Program" to help students understand the relationship between various departments and AI. In this workshop, Mr. Wei-Bin Cai, the Deputy General Manager of Taiwan Microsoft Cloud Platform Division, and Mr. Rong-Chun Wang, the Deputy General Manager of Information Technology Social Enterprise Division of the 104 Human Resources Bank, jointly led the students to conduct career exploration activities. The General Manager of Taiwan Microsoft Expert Technology Department of Microsoft Technology Center Mr. De-Min Hu shared "The Transformation Path of Technologists." Next, Ms. Elsie Chen, the Senior Product Marketing Manager of Taiwan Microsoft Cloud Platform Division, led students out of the Microsoft Office to get a glimpse of the daily life of technologists. Finally, Mr. Jian-Hong Lin, the Senior Consultant of Global Technology, instructed students to implement Microsoft AI introductory courses and experience the new application brought by AI technology.


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