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Digital Transformation Analysis -- Jung-Kuei Chang Talked about the Trend and Challenge of AI under the Development of Metaverse

Office of Human Resources held a training lecture for the administrative faculty at Ching-sheng International Conference Hall at 10 AM, October 19th. Dr. Jung-Kuei Chang, an alumnus of Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering and Department of Management Sciences and Chairman of Ai3 Co., was invited to give a speech on the Trend and Challenge of AI under the Development of Metaverse. Dr. Hui-Huang Hsu, Vice President for Academic Affairs, and nearly one hundred colleagues were at present.

Jung-Kuei Chang firstly thanked Vice President Hui-Huang Hsu for his inspiration in AI which was a great help in his career. The speech began with the new trend of AI technology. Influenced by the circumstance and the pandemic, enterprises are confronting and proceeding digital transformation. He pointed out that as a tool in the past, information technology had become resource. Therefore, AI should be applied in the systematization of human experience, pioneering thinking, accelerating changes and march toward high-level servitization. In 2018, AI startup companies started to integrate smart applications into medical, legal and marketing industries, and then experienced successively the implantation of AI into industries, Industrialization of IA, in-depth industrialization of AI and cross-industry applications of AI at last. The appearance of more and more AI startup companies represents the increasingly completeness of AI industry which will be fundamental resources of the development of all industries.

Jung-Kuei Chang continued to introduce the concept of metaverse, a future-persistent and decentralized online 3D virtual world, allowing people to carry out activities of daily living in another world the same as they do in the real world, such as virtual university, metaverse speech, virtual art museum, and so on. He also mentioned 6 promotions, 6 technologies, 7 industries, and 8 core ecologies to elaborate the ecology of metaverse and the industry-boosting platform in metaverse that they are currently pushing to speed up the exploration of new economy in metaverse, expecting to create a fun metaverse world. At the same time, Jung-Kuei Chang shared that there are quite a lot of trust concerns about this vision because of economic losses, social impact and loopholes in emerging technologies. Thus, EU issued Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence Act on April 9th, 2019 and April 21st, 2021 respectively, in the hope that AI technology would develop under legal surveillance.

At last, Jung-Kuei Chang stated that norms like CSR, ESG and SDGs are all urging the society to progress. He hoped that AI governance and ESG promotion could help to achieve the balance between economic development and sustainable development, and seek for efficiency on the basis of loving the people and the environment. He suggested everyone to reflect on the balance between related subjects to make the world better.

Yao-Ting Li, staff from the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering shared her comprehension of the lecture that AI, changing the world, is utilized in work and daily life. All the technological development in the future will exist to meet the need of humans. Data sharing and streaming, as one of the business modes of internet of things, is called wool-from-dogs-paid-by-pigs mode because that enterprises make profits from data exchanges instead of hardware sales. She said: “The lecture taught me that human behavior changes result in digital transformation towards high-value servitization. I have benefitted a lot.” Yi-Ling Lin, staff from the Department of Global Politics and Economics said she learned that metaverse penetrated people’s lives and work and changed our behavior pattern. Technology stems from human nature, which is neglected because of its integration into daily life.


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