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Agricultural Moment Project Donated Books to Xinxing Elementary School; Pupils thrilled to know Vanilla

Agricultural Moment, A USR project, donated the picture book How Much Do You Know About Vanilla? To Xinxing Elementary School on October 18th. Shang-Wen Kao, Sub-Investigator of the project, Associate Professor and Chairperson of the Department of History, gave the picture books produced under the project to the pupils of first and second grades and enthusiastically interacted with them in class.

Shang-Wen Kao stated that the book was designed and produced by students from Department of History, specially for elementary students. The book introduces the characteristics and functions of vanilla. The combination of pictures and words makes it a perfectly auxiliary teaching material for agricultural education in elementary school.

Yi-Jen Huang, a teacher from Xinxing Elementary School, said that Xinxing Elementary school built an ecological campus in urban circumstances. In the garden of butterfly where vanilla orchids are grown and the aquaponic farm, students plant vanilla and observe plants. Xinxing helps students to build correct mindset of caring for natural ecology.

Second-year students actively helped to send books and distinguished vanilla from pictures. They also exhibited the achievements of their on-campus study about ecology. Shang-Wen Kao expected to provide more practical knowledge of vanilla with the picture book.

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