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Alumni Association of Northern California Held its Annual Meeting, Kitty Long Serve as the 33rd President

Tamkang University Alumni Association of Northern California held its 2023 annual meeting and president handover ceremony on the evening of February 25th, US time and the morning of February 26th, Taiwan time at the Overseas Community Affairs Council in the Bay Area of Northern California. The event was conducted both on-site and online, with more than 300 alumni in attendance. The 32nd president, Department of English alumna Madeleine Ke, handed over the position to the new president, Department of Education and Informational Technology (now Information and Library Science) alumna Kitty Long. The handover was supervised by the 2nd alumni association president, Song Chen.

President Huan-Chao Keh specially recorded a video to greet and bless all the alumni of Northern California, "Thank you, President Madeleine Ke, for holding many wonderful events during your tenure, enhancing the friendship among alumni, and strengthening the alumni's affinity for the alma mater. We also found many alumni who had lost contact with us. As the global pandemic gradually subsides, we sincerely invite alumni from Northern California to come back to the alma mater and take a look." In addition to the Spring Banquet in March and the school anniversary celebration in November each year, we hope that alumni will come back to share their experiences and pass on the torch.

The opening of the annual meeting invited the Tamkang Alumni Chinese Bass Drum Team, whose coordinated movements and performances injected youthful energy into the venue. Director General of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in San Francisco, Mr. Ming-Chi Scott Lai, and Director of Overseas Community Affairs Council, Ms. Chuang Ya-Shu were also invited. Mr. Ming-Chi Scott Lai expressed gratitude to the Tamkang Alumni Association for their support in promoting overseas Chinese affairs. Ms. Chuang Ya-Shu mentioned that the Tamkang Alumni Association is a very important overseas Chinese group in the San Francisco Bay Area, and the Chinese bass drum team has been invited to perform many times, adding vibrancy and diversity to overseas Chinese community activities. Former president Madeleine Ke was elected as the president of the Northern California Chinese College Alumni Association Federation in last December, and will continue to serve the federation with her Tamkang experience.

Ms. Kitty Long expressed that she will continue the efforts of the predecessors as president, and is committed to assisting the alma mater's development and fostering connections among alumni. The evening's activities were exciting, including alumni-led group dances, sports and fitness activities, a meticulously planned musical theater performance, dance performances, and raffles. Finally, everyone participated in a relaxed dance party, and the atmosphere was joyful. The alumni association hopes that more alumni will join this warm family, allowing for deeper friendships to be established among alumni.

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