Campus focus 2023-06-16

LMU President Visits TKU to Discuss Academic Exchanges

The President of Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU), Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Bernd Huber, and the Vice President for Research, Prof. Dr. Hans van Ess, visited our university on May 31st. They were accompanied by Ms. Chin-Ying Weng, Senior First Secretary, and Mr. Yi-Da Chen, Second Secretary of the Department of International and Cross-Strait Education, Ministry of Education. The purpose of their visit was to explore opportunities for research collaboration to promote student exchanges. The delegation was received by Dr. Chien-Mu Yeh, Dean of the Office of International Affairs, Ms. Chia-Hui Yen, Secretary of the Office, and Ms. Acid Chu, Chief of the International and Cross-Strait Exchange Section of the Office. A visitation and exchange were arranged for their visit.

The delegation first visited the Gallery of Tamkang History & the Founder Dr. Clement C. P. Chang’s Memorial Hall. Mr. Cheng-Hsing Ho, a staff member of TKU, introduced the succession of waves in university's historical development, campus evolution, three objectives of education, alumni achievements and connections, records of exchanges since the signing of the partner school agreement in 1980, the personal conduct of Founder Clement C. P. Chang, and the founding principles and practices of Tamkang University. They also watched a documentary about the university's founder, filmed by our alumni. Next, they met with President Han-Chao Keh to discuss how to continue and enhance substantial exchanges that were delayed due to the pandemic. They exchanged ideas on strengthening academic exchanges among faculty and increasing the number of exchange student opportunities. Finally, President Keh presented a painting titled '此花無日不春風' (A Day Without Flowers is A Day Without Spring Wind) by renowned artist Lin Bochi, and a pen holder featuring the calligraphy work '謙和圓融' (Humility and Smooth Harmony) by Director Ben-Hang Chang of the Carrie Chang Fine Arts Center as gifts to President Bernd Huber and Vice President Hans van Ess.

Afterwards, visits to TKU Center of Resources for Visually Impairment, the Intelligent Automation and Robotics Center, and the Wind Engineering Research Center were arranged to showcase our academic achievements in accessible learning and specialized research centers. Following that, a meeting was held at the Hsu Shou-Chlien International Conference Center with Vice President for Academic Affairs Hui-Huang Hsu, Dean of the College of Engineering and College of AI Intelligence Tzung-Hang Lee, Dean of the College of Business and Management Li-Ren Yang, Dean of the College of Foreign Languages Wan-Bau Wu, Dean of the College of International Affairs Cheng-Hao Pao, Director of the Center for European Union Studies Li-Chuan Chen, and Director of International Affairs Chien-Mu Yeh. They exchanged views on enhancing and strengthening interdisciplinary collaboration, formulating standards for student exchange and language proficiency, and promoting academic exchanges and cooperation. In the evening, President Keh hosted a banquet at the QP Chueh-Hsuan Hall, where Dr. Li-Chuan Chen, Chair of the German Department Yu-Hsien Lin, and Assistant Professor Hui-Chun Cheng, alumni of LMU, gathered to reconnect and reminisce with faculty and staff. The atmosphere was warm and lively, spanning from the everyday experiences during their studies to various events, including President Keh's visit to the University in 2019.


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